Résidence De Karpen at the Javalaan in Eindhoven


Résidence de Karpen at the Javalaan in Eindhoven is truly one of the most beautifull residential areas in the Netherlands. The by architect Van der Pauwert designed complex contains approximately 2.5 hectares of land including the park-like garden around. With the right combination of location, architecture, layout, use of materials and landscaping, the complex is completed in 1989, the ultimate place to live and recreate, for young and old. In this beautiful environment, are 35 luxury apartments located in the upper and exclusive segment. 

Cato Estate Agency has several luxury apartments for sale in this remarkable complex. Would you like to get more information? Please contact Ms. H. Kanters RMT of our office via 06-10 34 56 57 or use our contactform.
Visit the website of Résidence De Karpen at http://residencedekarpen.nl



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